Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just In Case People Think I Only Have it Out for White People...

1. How many of the Rutgers Women were Ludacris Fans?
2. How many black women know the lyrics to Bitchez Ain't Shit? Big Pimpin'?
3. How many blacks with victim complexes does it take to cash a welfare check?
4. Why is it that every time a Black athlete falls from grace the reason must be in some way because of something The Man did back in Slavery? (Thanks for that one, Matt)
5. When is Public Enemy going to apologise to Elvis? (Pat Boone now, there's somebody who needs a public enema)
6. When is John Ridley's The Manifesto of Ascendancy for the Modern American Nigger going to become required reading for all black people?
7. Do we still need the word Nigger?
8. When are people going to realise that Michael Eric Dyson is the Geraldo Riviera of Black Opinion?
10. And Al Sharpton may be smarter than you think?
12. Isn't calling yourself a black queen or king just a deluded as calling yourself a nigga or bitch? My foremothers fought and died for the right to be called woman so how dare we tell them that it's not good enough?
13. For all the supposed blackness of hip-hop when did we choose to forget that the white media gave it props first?
14. Why is it that any black person who does not speak in ebonics is assumed to be acting white? Nobody accuses a redneck of not keeping it real if he goes to English Class.
15. Why are decorum, class, deportment, taste, and openmindedness considered white values?
16. What does it say about the black people who think so?
17. Who would have listened had he said, I'm a tell y'all. I has a dream in the heah house tonite! Sho Nuff! Sho nuff, daggumit. Free at last mah homeys! Free at last, mah Niggers and Niggettes!

18. Why are there still more black men in prison than in college?
19. How much of this is our fault? And when are we going to hold ourselves accountable?
20. Would Martin Luther King be proud of us or disappointed?
21. (Question inspired by Mar) How come I'm acting WHITE if I listen to white acts like Pig Destroyer, Feist, Kings of Leon and Mastodon, but BLACK if I listen to whitebread acts like John Mayer and Maroon 5?